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Lazy J Arena

Lazy J Arena

Located just south of Stillwater Ok on approximately 100 acres. We have 3 covered stall areas which house 140 weekend stalls and 32 personal stalls and pens. There are 60 RV hookup locations with gorgeous picnic areas around them. The indoor building is 175’ X 300’ with a riding area of 150’ X 275’ and 150’ X 80’ covered pens off the backside of arena for cattle handling. The 25’ X 300” area under the barn is more than enough room to tie horses outside of the riding area when needed. There are 3 large overhead fans mounted throughout the arena that provide extra comfort for you and your horse.

Flaharty Bits and Spurs

"Troy's diverse experience in different equine disciplines allow him to recognize the mechanics of bitting a horse for an optimal performance.

Over the last eighteen years Troy's bits and spurs have evolved not only from functional, performance enhancing equipment to beautiful works of art that are appreciating in value.  Each bit is handmade one piece at a time to fit the horse and rider's needs.  Customers admire the craftsmanship and balance in Flaharty Bits & Spurs.  Top horsemen and trainers in numerous disciplines are using, winning with and endorsing Flaharty Bits & Spurs."

Flaharty Spurs